Tiny Houses for the Homeless

If you support the idea of creating tiny houses for some homeless people in San Jose, let your voice be heard. The people who are against the idea are very vocal. (NIMBY) We must do something to at least start to get people into housing. Complaining to each other about it won’t help. There are currently three possible locations for villages of tiny homes in the city. The idea needs our support. Each of the three villages will provide single person homes with electricity along with common cooking and restroom areas. The people placed in these little homes will be screened and will stay only as long as it takes to find them more permanent housing. Services to assist them will be provided and research has shown that this is a good way to get at least some people off the streets.

There will be several meetings at which your voice in support of the idea could be very helpful. The first meeting will be at Wyndam Hotel, 377 Silicon Valley Blvd. Thursday, March 1st at 6:30 PM.