Rise Up Alum Rock!

This coming Saturday the 29th from 10 a.m. to noon, “Rise Up Alum Rock” will host its campaign kick off and fundraiser at the Tortas Ahogadas at 2003 Story Road (Unit 1).  The goal of “RUAR” is to bring awareness to all of the Alum Rock voters about what the majority of Trustees are doing to harm the District.  This “TRUTH CAMPAIGN” has become necessary because there are so many voters in Alum Rock who are still unaware of the negative actions taken by the Board majority (incumbent Trustees Khan Tran and Esau Herrera are up for re-election on November 6; incumbent Trustee Dolores Marquez is up for election in 2020).   Many of us who are walking precincts to promote other candidates for the vacancies hear a lot of, “No, I didn’t know there were any problems in the Alum Rock District.”  Perhaps that’s because they don’t have young relatives in the schools or they don’t keep up with local news.  Some of the responses are strongly negative against the incumbents and say they would vote for any name that doesn’t have “incumbent” on the ballot statement … on the official list of candidates, Mr. Herrera’s statement indicates “college professor/attorney” NOT incumbent.  You know what’s going on … and I know you don’t approve.  Andres Quintero is an incumbent but would be a good choice to continue on the board.

Please do your best to come Saturday and share this flier with your family, neighbors and friends … post it on your FB page. Let’s get the word out to support the work of RUAR which  is supported by many outstanding leaders in this community.   Visit the website for more details about the organization (https://riseupalumrock.com/)  If you cannot attend, send your check!