Next Meeting

Our next get-together will be at the MARCH FOR TRUTH on Saturday, June 3. The march starts at 11:00 AM but we are hoping our members will arrive early to accept some simple jobs during the March. We will gather at the tables to the east of the rotunda. The volunteers we need the most are people to direct the March at each of the five streets we must cross. It is important that our marchers stay on the sidewalks and obey the traffic signals. At each intersection we would like to have one or two volunteers with the signs we made to remind people not to block traffic. Charming signs and bright yellow vests will be provided! Please volunteer now so we can stop worrying about it! Contact Ellen Turner at 408-272-9234 or to volunteer.

This is the first event planned by Indivisible East San Jose! Let’s show everyone what great things can come from East San Jose!