Our March For Truth, June 3, 2017

Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers, our March For Truth was a great success! We put that event together in only three weeks, thanks to the work of many wonderful volunteers! Thanks especially to Judy Thompson, for organizing lots of folks to register voters, serve as crossing guards, and collect postcards! Thanks to the entire Turner family for support the whole time. Everyone was so good to step up and take charge of different things that needed to be done! Thanks to Susan Hines, from San Jose City College, for introducing our speakers. Thanks to our excellent speakers: US Representative Zoe Lofgren, Mansi Shah from Lawyers for Good Government, California Assembly Member Ash Kalra, and Richard Hobbs from Human Agenda. Thanks to Jon Pedigo who gave us an impromptu greeting when we arrived at the stage. And to the wonderful lady who lead us in singing at the end.

Thanks to the Freedom Strummers for providing music for our march! Thanks to Melina Iglesias from the San Jose Cultural Affairs Office, Michael Trudeau from the San Jose Police Department, and the folks from VTA who helped us cross the light rail safely.

Thanks to volunteer organizers from the Women’s March and the Climate March for sharing their knowledge and experience. Really special thanks for Ed Kopakowski from the Climate March who loaned us megaphones and the sound system!

Thanks to Jack Owiki from ProBonoPhotos who arranged for volunteer photographers to take pictures of the even; they will be putting the photos in the following gallery:  http://www.probonophoto.org/2017/March-for-Truth-SJ/ . You can download photos from there and/or point people to that URL to see them.  The photos may be used freely for non-commercial purposes, provided that the photographers are given attribution when they’re published (including online).

Thanks to Philip Raymond Ramage II, one of our members, who posted on Facebook on May 11:
“Why hasn’t anyone set up a March for Truth on June third? Closest one is in Sacramento.” and all the people mentioned here (or forgotten here), who stepped up to the challenge!
And especially, thanks to all the people who came to march!

While the Mercury News was at the March, they didn’t report on it. However, ABC News did report and you can find the video on their site.